Friday, September 05, 2008

Personal Space

Well, it finally happened. Someone finally got too far into my daughter's personal space as I stood, deer in headlights, watching. Okay - it's not that bad but it irritated both Steve & I although we're too "nice" to say anything.

We're at Sears doing some final appliance shopping (ugh!)and our sales guy wasn't there so we were just re-checking what were our favorites and another guy comes up - starts talking to us, tells us he can write up the order for us since our guy isn't there (write it up FOR our guys since it's all on commission). Anyway - he starts talking to Dahlia, telling us about his 26 kids (!!) and even more grandkids and that babies & kids get along with him really well.

He then pats her head and asks how old she is. When we tell him almost 9 months. He asks if she's walking. When we say 'no' he is surprised and assumes then that she must be crawling...when we say 'not yet' he shakes his head and says that by 9 months she definitely should be crawling (tone indicative that something is clearly wrong with our baby). THEN the topper - he pulls out her pacifier! and asks her to smile!

WTF? Obviously I am oversensitive. Big shocker there. And although it didn't offend me so much as to not ever return to Sears or buy our appliances there - and actually this guy was quite nice & likable (compared to the other a -holes I dealt with earlier "our guy" not included)....but come on! Hands off! I know this guy is of a different generation but it was irritating nonetheless. I don't know if he washes his hands or if he just dealt with some germy customer 2 minutes ago. I don't know if he's got a little cold or is just getting over pneumonia...and what about Dahlia? Some totally unknown dude sticks his head in her face and starts messing with her nuk?

Anyhoo - that is my rant today.


Kate said...

Oh Carrie. There will be so many more of these to come, I fear. But I feel for you! I do!
I mean, if it was me, I'd be all "get your f-ing hands off my baby" sort of thing and probably get escorted out, but you managed it quite well, no?

donna said...

That is totally over the top. Taking out her pacifier???! WTF?

juliemac_29 said...

LOL - Mark probably is STILL cringing at the time I blatently told a lady at the store to not touch my kid. The lady just stared and me and so I repeated myself, "Please don't touch my kid." She accosted Holland in the cart at the grocery and started KISSING HER HANDS. Disgusting. So I stopped it. LOL But I'm kind to my fellow human like that. ;P

Sarita said...

I completely get it. Try being stuck on a boat (uh, ship) with waitstaff that will NOT keep their hands off of her. I spent many a a meal seething over the constant touching of her hands and face.
I know I could have said something, but we are stuck with the same people for a week. They were so excited by her, I felt like a total heel saying something. She seems to be no worse for the wear though.

Holly said...

so with you sister. i don't know how i would have reacted in the same situation. make a smart ass comment that you might want to pop that NUK back in before she starts sounding like a siren?