Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Answer...

I didn't change her. She usually sleeps 30 minutes max at nap time (lucky me!) so I didn't want to risk it... She doesn't have a problem with diaper rash - hardly ever has had it (knock on wood) so I felt okay there.

Of course when she woke up 25 or so minutes later - she had pooped more and her pants were wet. *sigh* So I should've just changed her - her cute outfit would've been saved and she probably would've slept for 25 minutes later anyway. Ah well....I guess each situation is different. Welcome to motherhood. :)


Meigan said...

Oh how sad - I just realized I have no idea what I would have done. It's been that long since mine were in diapers. Not that I miss it terribly - but enjoy these days; they do fly!

Cello Mama said...

Yes, the one universal truth of motherhood: You will always second-guess yourself and feel you should have done something other than what you did.

Mother's guilt is fairly impressive.