Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dahlia is 9 months old today!

I have photos - but no stupid cord handy to upload them so they'll come tomorrow.

I can't believe she has been here for 9 months already. The changes in these months blows my mind. From the little serious lump that arrived in December she's changed into this funny, smiley, attention-loving, giggly, obsessed with books & magazines PERSON - chalk full of attitude. She's so much fun these days...she can entertain herself for long stretches if toys are within reach. She can be fascinated by an REI catalog (well, who wouldn't really?) for almost an hour! She squeals at pictures of babies in books - and pictures of kitties too. She loves playing her "piano" and banging things together. She eats like a champ - anything we give her - so far, she likes! She's not too keen on TEXTURE yet, but she'll get there. If I give her a cheerio or a puff she makes a very unpleasant "mom-what-the-hell-did-you-just-put-in-my-mouth" face but somedays they go down better than others. She's growing! She's hungry all the time. She sleeps pretty well and now if I hear her in the night - it's only for about a minute and she soothes herself back to sleep. I have to really STOP myself from opening her door. Sometimes I just stand in the hallway - ready to swoop in and rescue her...from nothing. She can take care of falling back to sleep by herself, it seems. She's super snuggly and funny - she has an awesome laugh which I love love LOVE. If you tickle her ribs she goes nuts. So of course i do it all the time. She has made everyone in the adjacent office smitten with her. She does her 'coy' move - puts her head down on my shoulder (or whomever is holding her) and flashes her 'shy' smile (she is NOT shy!). My investor calls her our "entire investor relations department." I think he's right.

She is the apple of my eye. I adore her and am having so much fun watching her grow up. Sometimes I get a little misty thinking about how fast it's going - but then I remember all the adventures we have ahead of us together.

Oh my sweet Dahlia. Who knew it could ever be this good?


Kate said...

I wish I was there to see her cheerio face. She's all that, Carrie, all that is good and right with the world. And I miss her.

Meigan said...

What a great post! Happy 9th month, Dahlia!