Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Busy busy busy

Well, it's been a busy last few days.

We were supposed to close on our new house on Friday, only to find out on Thursday that a city-required inspection hadn't been done...this was the fault of the selling agent which made it super frustrating. Thankfully our agent is super-on-the-ball and double-checked to see if this had happened. The inspection happened on Friday and there is work that needed to be done. Closing wasn't looking good - however, things got squared away at the last minute, money was put into escrow by the sellers to finish the work and we closed an hour later than scheduled! Yay!

After closing we came home (old house) and loaded up a few bulky items & supplies and headed to the new house! We set up our card table, fed the baby and cracked the champagne - only to realize it tasted more like vinegar. Ugh! What a buzz kill! Ah well. A few friends stopped over and we had our first unofficial gathering in the back. I gotta tell you - love the new house for hanging out!! Also - the porch swing on the front is incredibly soothing. For me and the baby alike.

Saturday we wanted to get going sooner than we did, but oh well. Dahlia was at Grandma's house and we started hauling more stuff to the new house. We had a lot of visitors, however, and it was hard to get much done. I started ripping wallpaper (egads I hate wallpaper) and Steve trimmed some overgrowing bushes & shrubs outside. We also removed to bedrooms full of nasty carpet.

Saturday night we went to Steve's Mom's for a bbq and to visit with Allison & Josh and baby Anders. Dahlia was SO EXCITED to see Anders and clearly cannot wait til they can play together. Anders (aged almost 2 months) was a bit indifferent about the whole deal. ha.

Sunday it was another load of bulky items (snowblower, extra random pantry appliances (really? do we need 2 george formean grills?) and I continued to work on the kitchen wallpaper. The current bane of my existence. We didn't get much done, again, but slowly we're getting there.

Yesterday we had a babysitter come to our house and took off to appliance shop. Ooh. Fun. NOT. It's a little overwhelming since we need a washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher & a range! Ay yi yi. But I think we decided on what we want - all energy star and in our price range (I guess! ha! doh). We also checked out laminate flooring (for kitchen & entryway) and that was about it. It took hours. And it was SO HOT. Ugh. 90 degrees and about a billion percent humidity. So, after that we took Dahlia to the beach. It was packed. And the water was COLD but it was good to take a break. After the beach it was back to the new house for more wallpaper peeling, carpet ripping and general daydreaming & planning.

All of a sudden it feels like we're re-doing a WHOLE house. Ay yi yi.....lluckily we have time to do this (I hope we don't have *too much* time, because it'd be really nice to SELL OUR OLD HOUSE!

Anyway....that's a little catch-up for now...hopefully more soon and photos and blah blah blah...

Happy September!

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Meigan said...

You poor thing! Ugh, that sounds like so much work. I've just made a mental note to buy my next house in "move-in" status!

Good luck with it all, and congrats again on the new digs. Fingers are crossed for the quick sale of the other house!