Thursday, September 25, 2008


It's very annoying to me that when someone asks to borrow something that you & your husband own...well, there are a few annoying things. One is that they continually ask you via Facebook if they can borrow your husbands...whatever. Hmmm, why do I have to be the middleman? Then after weeks of said asking (borrowed items needed for a particular event) you have everything they want, are willing to part with them and then can't get a response about where to leave said items for pick up. And THEN when you FINALLY get a hold of them the only way to get the items to you - is for YOU to drop them off, at their house.

Geez louise. Next time we're just saying no. I'm too busy for this crap this week.


Kate said...

I'm always a no. If you want it, you'll call and set up a time that's convenient for ME. Period.

-Peder said...

Um, this isn't a post about swinging, is it?

carrster said...

hahahahahaha, no's about camping gear. :)