Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slow Day

No one is posting or they're on vacation or just too busy with real lives today. *sigh* I'm not really posting either so I guess I can't complain. Laurie posted a good update...that was nice...but I'm feeling a little lonely in my internet world today for some reason. Emails gone unanswered, blah blah blah, poor me. Anyway.

I almost took Dahlia to a "Baby & Mama Dance Class" today at the Y but only learned about it about 45 minutes before it started and there just wasn't enough time to get her a bottle, and get there in time. So instead we danced around the kitchen a bit. I think we might try to go next week. I certainly need to do SOMETHING about the heifer that I currently am. It's getting old. And I have no self control, apparently, so I better start working out more. Steve & I might join the Y this fall as I think he & Dahlia are going to take swimming lessons together (cute!) and then I could maybe work out or something. But mostly I am with Dahlia all the time so I won't really have any time to work out - except when they're at swimming which is only a 1/2 hour. Eh, we'll figure it out.

Dahlia's new thing is to SCREAM. Boy howdy - and it's hysterical (she thinks) too. Screeching may be a better word for it and it is a neverending source of amusement for her. And I admit I think it's pretty funny (sometimes) too.

Last night Steve & I watched some video - first of me about a week before I had her and my rippling belly - WOAH. I was huge! You forget, ya know? It was so weird to see 'the baby' moving around in there and then look at her on the outside. I can't believe she was in there! The next footage was of Miss Dahlia on day 2 of her life - what a little peanut. You forget how tiny they are at first. And how serious. Holy smokes. I'll take the screeching & laughing any day.

In other news - DVDs of GOD ROCKED will be available VERY very soon. I'm so excited. Soundtracks will be close on it's heals. I think we're planning on having a "dvd release" party when we get them. Easier to distribute for sure. Not sure what to do about the cities' folks. Maybe we could have release party down there as well (ie: set up at a bar/restaurant let people come and get them).

More randomness - I'm trying to make August the "Month of Movies" - I am in the "industry" and am so out of the loop it's not even funny. So, I'm trying to make time every Tuesday & Thursday to watch a movie. That's working, right? Sof ar I've seen MICHAEL CLAYTON, JUNEBUG, THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE, and CAPOTE. Next up is 21 or ATONEMENT - I keep changing up my Netflix queue. Unfortunately they don't come fast enough and today I may be re-visiting something in my own collection (or skipping today - we'll see). I've only seen 21 movies this year. Sad. In 2000 by this time I had seen well over 70. And yes, I keep track of such things. I'm a nerd.

Okay - time for some work. Trying to upload GOD ROCKED to imdb, getting my film festival submissions ready to go and re-writing a short story into a script. On yeah, and there's a cute little baby to feed too.


Mrs. Ca said...

I need to get on the working out wagon too. I have zero work clothes that fit me right now, except for two pair of pants that I bought last weekend. What else sucks is that because of pregnancy foot growth my favorite work shoes don't fit any more either. I didn't wear them while pregnant because they are high heels, and I wore sandals all summer, so I didn't realize how much my feet had grown! Too weird.

You're right, the internet is way too quiet lately. I'm partially to blame as well, because I haven't been posting much either. Too busy.

Meigan said...

Hey - I'm gonna want one of those dvds!!!

Kate said...

I'll be there to see you and Miss Dahlia so very soon!!!!! I'll call you when I leave Brainerd! I can;t wait!