Thursday, August 07, 2008

Meeting People

Last night I went out for margaritas with FeistyMnGirl- it was great. We've been reading each other's blogs for a while now and emailing a bit back and forth and discovered that we have a ton in common. She thinks my knowledge of rain barrels & turbidity is dorky (and so do I) and I think the fact that she's building a new *green* house in Hawk Ridge is beyond fantastic. We both love fine tequila (or not so fine, whatever), preserving the natural beauty of Duluth and finding out more about sustainable energy & how to incorporate them into every day life.

So yeah, it was cool and I hope I didn't scare her off my talking my head off - which is what I usually do.

Sadly I came home to a screaming Dahlia but I think that was because she fell asleep during her last bottle - and a couple more ounces put her right back to sleep (whew) at least for a few hours. She's on a 3am wake up kick lately which is getting very old. Last night's 3am rocking session coincided with some a-holes lighting of INCREDIBLY LOUD fireworks so I guess I would've been up anyway.


Kate said...

I'll do the 3 a.m. rocking session when I'm there. I'll LOVE it and you can SLEEP! And it's fun to meet people from the internet, isn't it? Very fun!

feistyMNgirl said...

poor Dahhlia- glad to hear she settled down after awhile.

yes, i noticed we have lots of similarities- although, it seems you do everything i do (drink tequila, great career, live outdoors, care about the earth, etc), except you do it with a BABY. i'm impressed!