Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Sunday

Last Sunday we took a family bike ride on the Munger Trail. It rocked. We had a picnic, we biked about 10 miles in the perfect biking conditions - sunny, warm but breezy (cool) and a great trail. The bike trailer really evens out Steve & my abilities which is awesome. It gives him a extra workout (maybe I should be hauling the trailer) that's for sure!


Kate said...

What's that little house in the background? I'm jealous of such things. I love SD, but there's not many trees around...

Meigan said...

Cute Dahlia! Fun day!

Once we rented a tandem bike & attached a trailer to it (holding both girls). I'm in the front - at one point I look back & there's Kyle with his feet up on the bar. I was pulling the whole gang. Uphill.

That bike trailer seriously ups a workout a few notches!