Friday, August 08, 2008

Keep it in your Pants!!

Good lord.

Have you read this?

I am just so sick of every g.d politician or person in "power" having freaking affairs. What is wrong with people? If you're want to have lots of sex & girlfriends or whatever, just don't be married & have kids, okay?

God. I'm sick of it.

And I'm a really huge John Edwards fan...Hmph.


Cello Mama said...

It is sickening, isn't it? I think you don't become a politician at that level (any level?) without a major need for power. With that comes a sense of invincibility, and men get foolish. It's so pathetic.

feistyMNgirl said...

yep. saw it. was slightly devastated.

i want the money i donated to his campaign back.

Mommy said...

I lost faith in him long before this, with a wife who is dying from cancer why would you stay on the campaign trail? If you need to "keep busy" fundraise for CANCER not your campaign.

This just confirmed my belief he was self-centered.