Sunday, August 10, 2008

Help Needed

I always do theme gifts (or I try to) for my sister for her birthday. This year's theme is "music" - I already have for her a CD, a musical (DVD) and a Symphony Chocolate bar - but I wanted to think of a couple of other really clever (cheap!) things to throw in...but I am stumped.

Anyone have any Musical ideas? Food or candy items that have a music related name? (rhapsody, allegro, etc etc)...I know there must be things out there but my brain is totally stuck.

Her birthday's this Saturday so I have to mail off the package by Thursday so she gets it on time.

Your input is greatly appreciated!


Nanette said...

Dah! I'm trying but am coming up dry! Stupid pregnancy brain! ;)

MamaD4 said...

Does she have an iPod? I think you can get gift cards for iTunes.

That's a tough one...let us know what you end up with.

Holly said...

it's really cheesy but you could toss in a kazoo (or three for the tots). Hmmm... maybe that wouldn't work out too well for Kathy. She might want to break them in half if the kids really start to get going with their music.

How about a book related to music? Jackie just loaned me Laurie Lindeen's (Zuzu's Petals bandleader and wife of Paul Westerberg) fantastic book Petal Pusher. While it's a lot about the local music scene it's also a really good read.

carrster said...

I thought about iTunes but she's not *that* computer savvy...and I don't think they even have it downloaded. *sigh* I have also been looking for a book - a novel or non-fiction that would work but so far haven't come up with anything that I like!

Ah well, I think I have enough even if I can't round it out but I am always open to ideas!