Wednesday, August 20, 2008


On Saturday after Kate left we packed up and headed to my favorite vacation spot. Gordon, WI. Sometimes its hard to discern sarcam in the written word, I was using it in the first sentence. Just to clarify.

Steve's Dad owns some property down there and a small little "cabin." We try to get down there once or twice a year with his Dad & Trudy as they LOVE it. For me? It's not that great. I'm scared of swimming in rivers (and lakes) so that's no good (yes, I have issues, I'm aware). There's no hiking. An overabundance of ATVers & shitty little red-neck bars and it usually rains when I'm thee.

So Saturday was HOT hot hot. And we had to take the non-air-conditioned truck because we were town a trailer with some fence posts for Steve's Dad. Awesome. Nothing I like better than sitting in the middle of a hot hot hot truck (stick shift mind you) while roasting my ass off. It's awesome! We did stop at Culver's for some frozen custard which was a bonus. I gave some to Dahlia - she's not too sure about it...

I digress. We got down there and it was raining. Big shock. Trudy & Roger were just hanging out trying to stay dry. It was clearing up so Steve went swimming in the river with Dahlia (trying to cure the phobia before it begins). After that we headed to Famous Dave's (the original!) in Hayward. We thought that maybe eating there would be somethign "different" and "fun" to do instead of messing with cooking down there. It was my idea (ugh).

We had a 55 minute wait for a table...fine. Whatever. It was packed! Super packed. We didn't know that Robbie Kineval (sp?) was jumping 3 small planes & a helicopter at the casino just down the road. (weird). So we waited. And waited and waited. We fed Dahlia her solids outside (al fresco!) nd waited some more. We finally got seated and then it took forever for Roger to get his beer (we ordered when he was in the bathroom). It just dragged on and on. And then the food waasn't that great! Ugh. It was tough & overdone (the ribs). How disappointing. The corn & corn bread were great. The beans - BEANLESS! We got only sausage bits & sauce - no beans. Ah, way to pay attention guys! Whatever. I was underwhelmed. The whole dinner took over 3 hours and was just too annoying. Dahlia had a GREAT time, however. She sat in a high chair at the table for the first time and thought it was awesome. She played and played the whole time...which ended in a miraculous crash later.

When we got back to "the property," we had to set up our tent which was a huge pain in my ass. Steve tried changing Dahlia while I was using the outhouse and I had the only headlamp and of COURSE it was a super-duper messy the tent. Ugh. Then while she was being changed, she peed all over the changing pad. In the tent. Ugh. Steve got frustrated, Dahlia freaked out and I was thinking - AH, THIS IS GREAT! Thankfully we all got a good night's sleep.

The next day we just relaxed. We hung out, watched Dahlia play, went down by the river, had lunch. Nothing to fancy or exciting. Which was fine. The ride back to Duluth sucked. It was EVEN HOTTER on the way back and just miserable.Too much sweat, not enough air flow. We were hoping for a cool lake breeze when we got back to Duluth - no such luck. Ah well.


Kate said...

Well, at least you had me as the highlight of your weekend.....

Just kidding. That sounds awful.

Meigan said...

oh dear God you are a good wife! That sounds like torture!