Friday, August 08, 2008


We've had a few showings of our house in the past week* and I'm feeling a bit like Goldilocks' unfortunate best friend...."This house is too small," "This house has too steep of steps," "This house has an ugly kitchen floor."

You get the idea.

But I still have faith that for someone our house will be JUST RIGHT.

It only takes one, right?

*all in all I am very grateful that we're getting some action on the house, period. I know that when the right person finds it it will be no problem. :)


Kate said...

Yep. Once the right person comes it will be like magic. Both for them and for you. I've watched my parents buy too many houses to not believe that!

Meigan said...

Too steep of steps? For real? Come on people!!!

I guess it really is a buyers' market.


House selling vibes still coming your way!

carrster said...

well, we do have steep stairs but...whatever.

We also have a kick ass margarita backyard so that should cancel out any steepness of stairs, in my opinion.