Monday, August 11, 2008

Date Night

Steve & I had a date on Saturday! It was so much fun.

We had a showing of our house at 3:15 so at that time I took Dahlia to make a Target run, while Steve headed up to Hartley to work on his adopted section of the SHT. After Target I dropped Dahlia off at Grandma B's and headed over to Hartley to meet up with Steve. I hiked in and found him quite happily working away. It was a beautiful day - perfect temperature for wielding the weed cutter thingy.

I even joined him! I trimmed up some grasses/weeds on a rock staircase - just to make it even prettier than it already is. The trail is looking awesome. It's such a great time of year for trails - not too wet, not too dry, beautiful foliage, filtered get the idea.

After that we stealthily changed our clothes at the trailhead and headed over to Sammy's Pizza in Woodland for some awesome pizza. I was going to take a photo but forgot my camera in the car and was too lazy to go get it. I'm telling you - that pizza is like sex for the mouth. Okay, that sounds really bad but it's true! It's sooooo delicious and you just don't want it to end. Anyway - that's what we call it.

With little time to spare we raced up to Hermantown (blech, but the Blues Fest prohibited me from wanting to go to Canal Park) to the movie theater. We saw THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE....not really the top on my list - but it was something we could both agree on and we enjoyed it. It was like an extended episode of the show and it was enjoyable, and kind of gory, and we liked it. (although it gave me a scary dream - Steve too!).

When the movie ended we still had 2 hours on the babysitter meter so we headed down to Sir Ben's for a glass of wine and some free popcorn. Our friend Tobbi met up with us there and it was a good time.

Sadly the clock ran out too early and I had to go pick Miss Dahlia up. She was the sweetest sleeping peanut when I got there but turned into spazzy screaming baby by time we got home. Ah well, I gave her some more milk and we both fell asleep in the chair. Steve got home a little was a very good day.

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feistyMNgirl said...

date night sounded fabulous. thank steve for all of us- for helping maintain 'the trail'.

i agree with the sex-for-the-mouth thing. sammy's is my favorite- especially after a day of vigorous outdoor exercise.