Sunday, August 03, 2008

Back Online

Our house is back online. Thank God. Our realtor actually ended up just doing a new listing & new MLS for us since the programmers still couldn't figure out their end of it. So, we deleted the old, added the new and it's all hunky dory. In addition she took out a real estate classified w/photo for us for Saturday & Sunday so that was cool. I think we'll probably have another open house next week. Keeping the house clean & tidy 24/7 is SO. MUCH. FUN.


Steve & I noticed some people walking through the alley yesterday, totally checking out our sweet backyard. :) Then we saw them SLOOOOOOWLY driving by the front. Perhaps their interest has been piqued. I hope so!


michelle said...

glad to hear everything is back in working order! i'll continue sending good vibes your way!!

Kate said...

Don't you love the stalkers??? That's progress!

feistyMNgirl said...

i hope that one of those interested alley-walkers will bite!

we still on for tonight?