Thursday, August 14, 2008

8 Months Old!

Wow! 8 Months! Hard to believe. Dahlia is getting more & more fun as the days go by. She can pretty much sit by herself now - at least for a little wile. But she generally gets too excited and then falls over. Which is also kind of cute - when she doesn't bump anything!

She 'talks' her head words yet but I feel they're coming soon.

I've been trying to have her play on the floor more so she can roll around and try the whole crawling thing (hasn't yet) and I think she likes it. She can get herself in the oddest positions/places by rolling - under the swing, almost under the couch, etc. Too funny.

We're working on "bye-bye" - too soon for it but she's kind of getting the idea. When we ask "Where's Beavis?" she looks around and looks down at the floor - very very cute. Boy she loves that cat.

She is still comfortably fitting into her 3-6 month clothes...I'm going to have some out-of-season stuff - sadly. There are some cute dresses that I don't think she'll make it to this summer. Bummer. But I'm thinking the "long tunic" style will become popular in our household this fall.

Mostly? I'm just madly & deeply in love with her. Somedays I'm afraid I'm going to eat all the flesh off her face - those cheeks are to DIE for. And she slept from 8:45 to 7am this morning - YAHOOOO!!


Mrs. Ca said...

She gets cuter every time you post a picture of her, I swear. And considering how cute she was to begin with, that's quite a feat!

michelle said...

Aw! She is SO darn cute! Why did I move down to the cities where I can no longer just stop over for bit! I miss you guys!

And I'm getting the whole baby fever thing again :)

Nanette said...

Oh goodness! So freakin' cute!

-Peder said...

She's simply adorable!

Meigan said...

Seriously? Eight months already??? She is such a pretty little girl, and I really hope you don't eat the flesh off her face.

Raesha D said...

She's adorable!!! What a cutie. Can you email me your address again?? I swear I can't keep anything straight these days and I can't find where I put your address the last time you sent it to me:) Thanks!