Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mama Mia!

I went to MAMA MIA! on Sunday night with my folks. I actually had TWO movies offers that night (unheard of!) - the other one was to see DARK KNIGHT with some friends, which I'm also really wanting to see - but I opted to hang with my folks since that's a rare occurrence.

It was fun! The music of course is great. It is a silly story and silly performances, but I really did enjoy it. Meryl Streep is great, as usual. I've never seen the stage version so it was all new to me (well, except the music). My Dad kept humming along, which I thought was very cute. (they have seen the stage version).

Pierce Brosnan looks gooooood, but man, he can't sing. Shame, really. I would've done with a few less random SLOW-MO shots (WTF?) and the editing in general I thought was a little hokey, but ah well. I had fun. It could've been because I was finally resting after a ridiculous weekend of work; or that I was happily sitting in a darkened movie theater with the baby tucked into bed a couple miles away (Daddy was home); or that I was hanging out with my Mom & Dad.

If you go - stick around for the credits. There is more silliness to be had.


Kate said...

I've never seen Mama Mia. I, of course will wait for it to come out on DVD, but I can't wait. Sounds like a relaxing time! And your dad humming along? Love it.

Cello Mama said...

I'm jealous - I can't wait to see that movie. Pete and I are definitely in need of a night out, too, but I have to get Lizzy started on a bottle first!

gtr said...

Ha! I also went to that movie with my mom and aunts this weekend...after baby bean's bedtime and daddy was home, too. Only my second movie of the year! My mom was singing along, too; must be something with that generation!