Friday, June 27, 2008

Wheezing at VIP events - fun!

So last night we had our big VIP Premiere of "...AND ON THE 7TH DAY, GOD ROCKED" here in Duluth for cast/crew and local "VIPs". We had over a hundred people turn out to see the flick, enjoy a beverage or two and some fabulous food catered by Bob Bennett. The response to the film was great! People laughed in the right places, seemed to really enjoy the music and have a good time. Afterwards at the party people mingled and talked and enjoyed the vibe of the cool party room we had set up.

My favorite part of the night was as I was sitting alone waiting for Steve to return to me, I was eavesdropping on the people behind me talking about the film - repeating their favorite moments, QUOTING LINES from the film -it was awesome. It made me feel like we had succeeded in making a "real" film (my Mother's words...).

My lungs hung in there, but barely. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon because things just didn't seem quite right. I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without being so winded I thought I was going to collapse! I couldn't take a deep breath, hold a conversation while standing (!) and carrying the infant seat was a nightmare. So, I went to the doc. My blood oxygen level is quite low. I had a nebulizer treatment while there, I also had a chest x-ray (to rule out pneumonia) and I got 3 prescriptions! a steroid, an antibiotic and an inhaler. I think the drugs are kicking in because I feel much better today and less winded. The chest x-ray didn't show any pneumonia so that's good...I have to go back next week to make sure things are cleared up. He said it's probably a cold/virus/infection (uh, really? couldn't it be more narrowed down??) and I'm 'hyper-sensitive' (ha! if he only knew!) which is a step below being asthmatic so I'm supposed to use the inhaler about once an hour to keep the air flowing. My O2 was still quite low today. I'm just glad I'm starting to feel a bit better and that Dahlia seems just fine! Whew!

Photos of the big event last night to come....

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Kate said...

I've developed some sort of allergies/asthma crap as I got older. I carry my inhaler all the time now after the winter scare that took me to the ER. Hope you're feeling better and reeling (get it? Reel?) from the success! I feel like I have to explain my jokes because they're so bad.