Saturday, June 07, 2008

Party Time!

My time in St. Cloud is coming to an end and I'm heading off to Apple Valley to meet up with my sweet daughter & sweet husband. yay! My family will be there to celebrate the triplets' first birthday! I am excited to see everyone - but a couple people in particular.

I survived my alone time - it was good. I think it's necessary but it's hard sometimes. It was a real treat, in a way, to have several hours to just relax. I watched 27 DRESSES on my laptop, read my book, played on Facebook & the internet in general, sat in the hot tub and just had some me time. Now I'm ready for some Dahlia time!

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Meigan said...

Alone time is a very healthy thing. I dread it when it's looming in the near future, but once I'm away I realize that it makes them less dependent on me & vice versa. And the reunions are always fabulous!