Friday, June 06, 2008

Nubbin Update

I changed rooms this morning. I tried to turn on the tv this morning and it didn't work, no remote. Thinking I was an idiot, I went to the front desk only to find out that that room was "blocked" and I wasn't supposed to be in it. Lovely. So I moved rooms and now have a MUCH better wifi signal. :) That makes me happy. And I can watch The View. haha!

Called my baby this morning. She's doing fine. Apparently when Erin got there this morning to watch her, she was asleep in our bed. Awwww, sounds like Steve brought her into bed with him this morning. So sweet. I miss them.

oh and I think there's a tornado watch going on. Lovely.

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Kate said...

We had tornados all around yesterday! And Steve must have missed his mommy snuggle bug and had to have Dahlia with him! How sweet!