Monday, May 26, 2008

A little of this...a little of that

So this weekend has come and gone - too fast, yet again and it was "long." Ah well, so it goes.

Friday night Erin came over for dinner. I made basil ravioli & asparagus. It was yummy. We were going to watch MOULIN ROUGE but it got too late and I was too tired.

Saturday Steve hemmed & hawed and finally decided to go camping with a couple of friends. After he left Dahlia & I took our first bike ride together to the bike shop. The trailer we bought didn't have the reflectors installed as it should have. It was great - it works fabulously and although I'm a huge wimp, it wasn't too bad. After that we ran errands - I bought marigolds, petunias, tomatoes & another flower I forget what it's called. But it got rainy so I didn't get to plant them. Saturday night I didn't do much...putzed around, read my book, worked on my sewing project and went to bed.

Yesterday Dahlia & I hung out. I planted the marigolds right before the rain and we spent the afternoon at my MIL's for a Memorial Day bbq. Last night Dahlia was SO TIRED she went straight to bed with no fuss. I finished watching WAITRESS and worked on my sewing a little more.

Today we went for a bike ride, went into work for a couple hours, napped (well, some of us...not me), I finished my sewing project(s) and cleaned up a bit! Steve just got home and we're going to get pizza for dinner whohooo!

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Vanessa said...

The ravioli sounds fabulous!