Sunday, May 04, 2008

Inner Turmoil

I hate the fact that I am so easily manipulated by other peoples' words. The fact that I can be brought down in the pit of despair over something that I didn't do yet am accused of; of being overlooked as not contributing (enough?); as having situations in my life that make me "unproductive."

I don't know whether to cry or scream.


Sarita said...

I know that feeling. I'm sorry. Isn't it amazing how it takes 10+ compliments about something before we believe it, but it only takes one put down?

Here's one:
I am always amazed by your positive energy and accomplishments.

I hope you get at least 9 more, because it really is true.

juliemac_29 said...

It's Ok to both cry AND scream. But then go ahead and punch whoever's being a jerk right in the kisser! :) *I* adore you and know you do be dedicated, extremely talented and extremely diplomatic. So whoever says otherwise can come see me and maybe *I'll* punch them in the kisser!

((((HUGS)))) Hope whatever's eating away at you feels better soon!!!

donna said...

Go ahead and have your cry and your scream and then formulate your response.

I'll follow Sarita's lead and tell you how you always impress me with your energy and artistic spirit. You are so talented at everything you do.

Don't let this jackhole upset you. Here's a hug!

Kate said...

Ohhhh. Hang in there! We've all got that inner confidence that we cling to and then someone comes along and deflates our balloon before we even know it. I guess I just go with the idea that if someone has to put me down, then they must be trying to put themselves up (albeit in a really unhealthy way.) You ARE incredible. You give over 100 percent, and your energy and enthusiasm for life exudes in everything you do. One person cannot take that away from you. I love you!

Nanette said...

Ok, who do I need to hit for you??!?!?!