Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Out of Sorts

I'm feeling a bit discombobulated....

I think the vacation smack in the middle of holiday season has thrown me more off course than I originally thought it would. I am feeling in a lack of holiday spirit and I hate that! I love the time between Thanksgiving & Christmas - for decorating, baking, crafting, mailing, Christmas cards, Christmas music, lights, parties, etc. Instead I'm feeling the crunch...

The Christmas cards will most likely be New Year's cards this year...due to the fact that (oh yes, they'll be written!) I was horribly deliquent in ordering wedding pictures for said cards. Doh....

The Christmas tree is up (yay!) but so far only adorned with green & white lights (Steve's the LIGHT MASTER around here). Ornaments to follow soon but I dream of a lovely evening of "trimming the tree" with my honey but instead I have a feeling it will be - "hurry up - throw these on the tree before it's time to take the tree down!"

My Christmas shopping is about 75% complete. I also have oodles of gifties to put together and trying to figure out WHEN that'll be. *sigh*

No wrapping has occurred as of yet.

I agreed to put together a slideshow for Steve's aunt for a party on the 23rd. Um....why?? Oh yeah, because I need the cash. 140 pics, all need to be scanned, none in my possession....yet....

Super Secret Project had a meeting today but it was canceled last night. I'm sort of glad because I wasn't ready. I need to get my financials in order (doesn't that sound professional) and I was afraid I'd be scurrying...I'm thankful for the breathing room.

Oh yeah, my Mom's Christmas gift? Still on the needles....

The House = Disaster Zone. Major cleaning, tidying and laundry need to be done.

Baking - nonexistent.


I'm going to TRY to be more in the spirit but right now I'm feeling squeezed. By no one's fault but my own.

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Sarah said...

All the things you usually enjoy that just aren't enjoyable this year? skip'em! and focus on the 2 or 3 that will make YOU really happy.

Nobody missed Christmas cards from us the last two years. I finally felt excited about doing them again this year, and it wasn't a chore at all. (and this was before we got our big news)

I learned last year to pick the things that were really important to me and to do them joyfully. Most of those were things done with my family like cutting down a tree and making candy. I had a really nice Christmas. Not the spectacular Christmas fest I wish I were capable of, but nice.