Thursday, December 21, 2006

It sucks when you can't bend down

My back is acting up. I've never had this problem before so I'm not sure what it is, what to do, etc. I woke up yesterday stiffer than usual (!) and all day it was difficult & painful to bend over, lift things, sit down, etc. I feel like someone is pressing downward on the lower part of my spine. Like I'm all compacted. It really sucks. It hurts to sneeze, it hurts to sit, it hurts to sit on the toilet, I keep dropping things and have to contort myself in order to pick things up. Not cool. I'm hoping that this is just something that will go away but I have a feeling it will not. Unfortunately I will not have time to go to the chiropractor until next week but I have a feeling I need a good adjustment (It's been years!). I hope that the drive to Faribault is too painful tomorrow (and the drive back on Saturday and that the soothing warmth & frothiness of some Tom & Jerry's on Christmas Eve will nurse me back to health.

Steve said to me this morning, "well, I guess we are middle-aged." WHAT? That is the most depressing (and false) thing I've heard all week!

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Holly said...

My neck issue earlier this year was likely due to stress, it could be all the stuff you've had going on as of late. Drink lots of water and be safe!

Travel safe tomorrow, I think Dad decided not to drive to Austin today b/c of the impending weather. Lovely.