Sunday, November 12, 2006

Random Sunday Thoughts

* When you drive into snow at night, it sort of looks like you're driving at warp speed.

*I don't really like driving in snow all that much...but since I live in Minnesota I have to be pretty used to it by now.

*I'm stumped on "what I want to be when I grow up" and you'd think I should be figuring that out now that I'm 'in my 30's' (egads)

*A lot of people by crafts. A LOT. And most of them were at the big Autumn Festival Craft Sale at Canterbury Downs in Shakopee today. Including me.

*I didn't buy a lot of crafts. I bought one little Christmas thing for $2.99 and a couple of gifts.

*I don't like it when waitresses say "have a good evening" at 3pm. I know it's getting dark already but COME ON.

That is all.

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