Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On My Brain

I don't know why the wedding is on my brain so much lately. Maybe because we just ordered some goodies from Target with our gift cards (set of sheets for the bed, a couch cover, 4 water goblets) or maybe because we got a wedding gift yesterday from my friends Kevin & Daren who were unable to come to the wedding (wine glasses & cheese set) or maybe because my Mom keeps asking me to send her pictures for the book she's putting together or maybe because we watched the ceremony last night (for the first time).

I'm a little bummed. I asked my friend/producing partner J to shoot the ceremony for us. He agreed but wasn't thrilled as he was bringing a date and didn't want to leave her "in the cold" as he ran around and worked. I told him it's no big deal...shoot it simply and no need to get "extra" stuff as Sarah's husband was gracious enough to do that. I just asked him to get the pre-music as I wouldn't get to hear it otherwise (my friends Mark & Chriss did beautiful renditions of Lennon/McCartney tunes) or so I was told.....

The video starts as my Dad & I are halfway "down the aisle" (the "aisle" was more like a squiggly path through the chairs in a very packed ballroom - sadly we could not be married outside as planned with a real aisle). What? No Steve coming in? No BRIDESMAIDS coming in (my favorite part of a wedding, ha ha)?? It was very fun to see the ceremony and actually HEAR what the minister was saying, and see my back get splotchy under the veil as I started to cry during the vows and to relive those very sweet and tender looks from Steve but I'm still miffed that he started when he did! I edit weddings on the side to make some extra cash. I watch a lot of weddings. We used to shoot weddings and I am kicking myself for not biting the bullet and just hiring someone to do it instead of thinking that my friend (who also does this and is VERY good at it) would just do it for me. It leaves me feeling very sad. (not to mention due to the wedding happening in the ballroom where the reception was...his date was right there).

I don't know if Sarah's husband was able to shoot any of the ceremony - the room was so full (and did I mention BLISTERING hot?...well, for us anyway) and there was no way to get good's just disappointing. That's all.

I'm not mad at him but I'm just kind of hurt. I just want to know WHY.

Of course I have my incredible memories...I'm just afraid that over the years they will fade and it's something that I really want to hold on to forever.


Sarah said...

I'm sorry. It sucks to associate those feelings with your wedding video. (the one from my first wedding was terrible)
When I shot my brother's wedding a couple of weeks ago it was "no big deal" and I didn't put as much planning into it as I normally would have.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh.honey! If it makes you feel better we've been married 13 years,we had videographer freinds follow us around the whole weekend,had it edited,and have watched it exactly ONCE !