Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Last night Steve was MUGGED!!!!! He went to Fitger's Brewhouse (which is a old Brewery complex with shops, restaurants and bars in it) to pay back one of the guys that organized the camping trip last week. The guy works at the Brewhouse as a bartender. Steve was hanging out and chatting with him and some other guys at the bar. He went to the bathroom. There were 3 guys in there - two talking to one other. The other guy left. As Steve was washing his hands one guy grabbed Steve around the neck and the other guy HAD A KNIFE!!! They took his wallet - he had his birthday money in there (the check from my parents, a check from his Dad, and a $100 bill from his Mom - meant to be deposited yesterday but he ran out of time). And of course all his credit cards, driver's licenses, etc. They told him to go into a stall and kneel down and count to 200 before leaving. Then they ran out of there. Of course Steve ran straight back to the Brewhouse where they called security & the police. He didn't get home til about 1 or so as it took some time to get things reported. He was so sad. I was too. Then I was MAD. REALLY REALLY ANGRY... and then just so happy & relieved that they didn't hurt him!! That would've been the worst. Obviously.

I can't believe that could happen in FITGER'S of all places. And not even in the ramp just right in the main upstairs bathroom. How very scary.

He was so bummed out about his birthday money. Obviously the most important thing is that they didn't do him any bodily harm but he was so looking forward to paying off his new bike and that's what his birthday gifts were intended for.

The saddest thing he said was "If there is such a thing as karma, am I doing something wrong?" It broke my heart. Steve does everything right. He's such a good person and is always looking out for others and always going out of his way to help someone out or do something nice & thoughtful. No, this is not a karmic reflection on him by any means.

I didn't get ANY sleep last night. I was wide awake after that and had a big pit in my stomach all night. I felt just sick. People really suck.


-Peder said...

I'm very sorry. And very glad that he's ok! That really does suck. I hope they catch the creeps.

donna said...

I am so glad he's ok!

Well, at least some of the money was in check form so the givers can put stop payments on them and the money isn't lost.

Holly said...

no f'in way. that sucks. i'm glad he is ok.

African Kelli said...

That breaks my heart. He has such good karma coming his way! Tell him to just wait. He's going to be blessed in so many ways! (You too!)

Deanna said...

I've just starting reading your blog, but I've seen lots of your comments at Donna's so I thought I'd stop by. I'm sorry something so awful happened to your husband but I'm glad he wasn't hurt. A few years ago, we got up late on a Sunday morning and were leaving to go shopping and we discovered someone had broken out the driver's side window of his truck and stolen his stereo. We both felt so angry and violated. I felt just like you when my husband asked me what he did to deserve this. This just seemed like too much since all of his CDs were stolen out of his truck at the mall not too long before this.

Tami said...

This is horrible! I'm glad that no one was hurt, but how scary to go through that.

Sarah said...

OMG! you have had a rough couple of weeks. I'm so glad Steve is okay. It takes so long to get rid of that anger when you've been violated like that.

Steve has to remember Karma extends beyond our present lives and is not about punishment or reward. The effects of what we do create our past, present and future experiences, making us responsible for our own lives, and the joy and pain it brings to others.

Karma is life and the way we live it. Not some magical force evening the score. Steve is a wonderful guy and doesn't deserve anything like this. Nobody does.