Saturday, November 18, 2006

Devil's Kettle

Today we went up the shore to Silver Bay & Grand Marais where Steve had some inspections to do. I went along for the ride and read, knitted and kept him company. After the 2nd inspection we drove 14 miles farther up the shore (to about I don't know - fairly close to the Canadian border) to Judge Magney State Park where we hiked to the Devil's Kettle.

The Brule river splits above the "upper falls" and half of the river goes along it's merry way and the other half drops into a deep dark cauldron - and they don't know WHERE the water comes out. It is truly remarkable and was my first time there. It's mysterious and loud and lovely and I took lots of pictures...which I will upload tomorrow. The hike was a good workout although it got rather chilly and I'm so glad I went along.

After the hike we stopped at "Sven & Ole's" for pizza in Grand Marais and then headed back 90 miles to Duluth.

So much for cleaning my closet today or working on the "craft room." Ah well, it was a very good day.

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