Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Big Sigh of Relief

I just heard from Steve!

The phone rang. "Stevie" came up on my screen. Yay! But there was nothing there. No sound. No crackle. Nothing. Still not good for my Hollywood-esque imagination.

The phone rings again. "Stevie" again but this time with crackles. Still no voice. Disconnects.

The third time the phone rings I hear my sweetie's voice! THANK GOD. "Are you okay??" The crackling is so loud and obtrusive to the conversation but I can make out that yes he's okay and he's so sorry to have made me and everyone else worry so much.

They tried to paddle out yesterday but the weather had "turned to shit" and they were unable to leave! They were afraid if they tried paddling through the high waves that they wouldn't make it!!!! I'm glad they didn't try to be superheroes and stayed put even though it gave me an ulcer. He said he got a signal on Monday and was able to retrieve a message from me then but by yesterday everything was dead. dead. dead. They had some emergency CB's but those weren't connecting with anyone either. He knows we all worry. I'm sure it was upsetting to him that he couldn't contact us.

So, he's at his truck -they have to load everything up and then drive 2+ hours back to Duluth. My head is exploding with a stress headache and I've already downed two diet cokes this morning and I really feel like I could use a cocktail, SOME kind of cocktail even though it's only 11am.

Needless to say - (after the tears) I had a big big big sigh of relief. Oh and no more winter/fall camping for Steve. (his words).


African Kelli said...

Oh thank goodness he is okay and just lost. :)

Holly said...

Glad to hear he is on his way home (or home at this point in the afternoon).

donna said...

Thank goodness! I'm glad they were smart and didn't risk paddling in dangerous water. Now you can enjoy an evening of snuggling and appreciate it even more!

Tami said...

Wow, I know exactly what you mean. I'm always on subtle worry alert when my Steve travels and can't call or email me. I just don't sleep that well until I know all's well. I'm glad that you had good news. :-) Sometimes it's good to spend those worry days with friends to get a little bit of relief. (The worry's still there, but you manage to prevent a good part of that stress headache.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a way to start your month. I am very happy for all involved everyone is ok.