Thursday, September 07, 2006

In and Out

My lovely Mac has been in and out of the shop now for the past month.

It started initially with the battery never getting charged up. I would get the "evil X" icon and never a lovely lightening bolted battery icon. That was okay - I mean I could still work with it plugged in and I managed to get a couple of weddings edited that way.

Turns out it was a faulty battery connection and after taking it in, the computer place sent it directly to Apple for repair. It came back in a timely fashion - yay!

I was getting nervous as I am doing a slide show for our wedding reception on it and we're playing our reception music from it.

I was overjoyed when I got it back....on a Tuesday. Right before Vegas. I was frantic that week with finishing up bachelorette gifts and packing so didn't really use the computer. I got back on Monday - didn't use the computer. On Tuesday I had to set up my new iPod (HAD TO) and that was the first time I used it. Wednesday I went to turn it on and I got a BLACK screen! No video! No nothing. I could tell that the Mac was powering up but nothing else was happening. :-(

So, I talked to the Applecare line for about 45 minutes trying to re-set the PMU and zap the P-RAM and whatever else, which of course didn't work (I had scoured the message boards for these exact remedies which didn't work for me either with our without the Apple tech on the line. So, they advised me to send it back in.

My new approach is to take it to the Apple certified repair place here in town. That way if they can fix it and NOT send it in it saves a lot of time. Plus I'm sick of talking to Apple on the phone. It takes forever, eats up my cell minutes and I have crappy reception in my house so it's not always possible.

The computer was fixed within a day! Yay! The tech there "zapped the P-RAM" and it worked like a charm. Why it wouldn't work for me? I have no idea.

Happily I went home and played with my computer.

I was busy & gone all weekend so by Tuesday I was finally using it again. Just to do a little surfing and play iTunes. Wednesday - turned it on and NOTHING - again! I tried resetting the PMU again and forgot about the P-RAM directions and then went up stairs to the desktop computer and ordered 2 more years of AppleCare as mine expires in a few days.

I took him in AGAIN today and the Apple tech was there. Yay! He was able to reset it right there, he ran some diagnostics and everything looked good. Weird. So, I have him back but who knows for how long.....

All that being said. I still LOVE my Mac. I will always be a Mac-Girl, that's just how it is.

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Raesha D said...

My hubby is having problems with his mac too...must be something in the air:) But he absolutely loves his two macs and would never go back to a pc. Thanks for the comment about my Japenese crafting - I find that the patterns I have used so far are very easy to navigate even though they are in Japanese. The pictures are fantastic and the measurements are in english (metric) so that makes it easy should try it:)