Friday, September 08, 2006

I Completely Forgot What I was Going to Post About...

in the time it took me to go from my 'blog to logging in to Blogger.

Wow. I am super lame.

Well, anyway - it's a hot Friday night here in Duluth....we went for a hike after work, made tacos at home for dinner, then I started working on the favor tags & watching THE BEATLES: THE FIRST U.S. VISIT on my Mac in the kitchen (multi-tasking). I'm not nearly as done as I need to be for the night....but I'm tired....and the bed is calling for me...hmmmm.....

Tomorrow's plans include: cleaning litter boxes, more favor work, cleaning the whole house, actually..., working on my massive "to-do" list of pre-wedding stuff rounded out by an evening of stuffing favor bags & hanging out with my friend Michelle (hi Michelle!) while watching some sort of flick and trying out the new martini glasses ifyouknowwhatImean. :-) Sunday I'm taking Miss M to a play and will hopefully get my car washed, the front porch door finished amongst numerous other "to do" items. Oh I have to create a wedding clutch from my leftover fabric...that could take a while....

anyhoo - hope everyone is having a lovely start to their weekend!

OH and Steve is my hero. I couldn't get our internet to work for the past oh...24 hours or so and it was literally SUCKING the life out of me. I FINALLY get a laptop that is working and I can be mobile with and BLAMO no internet. Figures. Well, I've been sitting down here and he went upstairs an hour or so ago so I thought I'd just log on and check to see the status and lo and behold - HERE I AM! I must go hug & kiss him now.


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