Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Here is how I spent my weekend (aside from worrying about my Grandma...)

My friend Michelle helped with putting the chocolates in the bags. Ay yi yi - it was a big project!

Cutting the favor tags on my new 12x12 paper cutter

I cut a lot of these buggers.

I added some color using chalks.

And I had a little 'help from my friends' as I watched a Beatles DVD while working on my laptop.

Yum! Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds! I ordered 24 pounds of these babies!

Each bag was carefully filled. Then I folded and stapled the tags on top. Voila! Wedding favors at a fraction of the price (of ordering them pre-made). Of course it took all weekend....


Deb said...

Oh, but they are so beautiful!! I just discovered chocolate covered sunflower seeds...YUMMY!

carrster said...

And I failed to actually take a picture of the finished product!


donna said...

They look lovely! For me, the week leading up to the wedding was so much fun and so memorable. I hope it is for you too. And I am glad your grandmother is in good spirits and hopefully will attend the wedding.

I'm thinking of you!