Monday, August 14, 2006

Whew! Weekend Update!

It was a busy one...shall we begin?

Friday after work I got home and worked out. I then puttered around, did some sewing - the usual. I can't remember what we had for dinner....did I make something? clue. Oh! I had soup. Steve went to happy hour with his Dad so I had some soup. That's right...

He called around 7 or so and asked if I wanted to go to a movie. We ended up seeing WORLD TRADE CENTER at 9:30pm. The first movie we'd gone to together since BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN! What is our problem? Anyway - perhaps I'll post a review later. Let's just say I cried. Shocking.

Saturday we got up and did the usual Saturday morning thing - read the paper, eat Cap'n Crunch. The plan was to leave "in the morning" for a nice long hike but it didn't quite turn out that way...I did more sewing while waiting for Steve to get ready and I think he forgot that I had a dress fitting at 2 (although I did keep telling him) because he kept putzing around and making phone calls, etc. Finally when he jumped in the shower at 11:45 I went in there and said - WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I have a dress fitting at 2! Come on! He forgot....

So much for our 2 hour hike. We did end up doing a nice 3 miles on the Superior Hiking took us about 1 1/2 hours...which put us back at our house at 1:30 at which time I had to scramble to take a shower, grab my stuff for the fitting and head up to the bridal shop. I had to drop Steve off at his car (where we hiked from) too. Whew. I made it in the nick of time.

I still love my dress. *sigh* Not that I was doubting it but it's been since February since I've seen it and I love love love it! It fits me wonderfully and I would wear it all the time if I could. People at work might look at me funny if I show up in a wedding dress though. It's sooooo soft and comfortable, and flowy! Obviously, due to my extreme shortness!, I need to have it hemmed but other than that things pretty much fit me. She is also going to line it so I don't have to wear a slip and she has to alter the g.d. expensive bra so that it doesn't bump out in the wrong places. I tried it on with the shoes & my veil for the first time. I love it! eeeeeeeek! (40 days for those of you who are counting....ack!).

After the fitting I met Steve at the mall to do some wedding-shoes-shopping. we were successful in finding him a very lovely pair of Nunn-Bush (or Bush-Nunn?) black dress shoes (Maxwell, if you're interested). They look great and since we registered at Younkers (and that's where the shoes were) he got to use a 15% coupon which is always a good thing! Then we had ice cream from DQ.

That night for dinner I made Chicken in Tomatoes and Cream which, Donna, is fabulous and I will post the recipe later. That night I stayed in and sewed & had some wine and Steve went out with his brother.

Yesterday morning got up a little too slowly, messed with the computer a little too long (no internet - argh!) and left a wee bit late for the shower in the Twin Cities. Only 15 minutes later than I wanted to but that annoyed me. Story of my life.

It was all fine until I saw the sign that said ..."blah blah blah, expect long backups on weekends." Ah crap. It's a weekend. I'm heading south which is where all the traffic will be (see, I LIVE where people come to on the weekends...that's how to do it...). Well, this meant I was stuck is suck-ass traffic. I hit the traffice about 10-15 miles before the actual construction. We creeped along (hello! I drive a clutch! ouch - leg cramp!) for 7 miles. That 7 miles took 1 hour. Probably a leeeeetle bit over an hour but I stopped looking. Basically I got very sad. Sad that I was going to be late to my VERY OWN bridal shower. I cried off all my makeup because, I'm a big crier.

At one point I didn't MOVE for over 10 minutes. This is when we were alread in one lane. I was freaking out! What if someone had car trouble and is blocking THE ONE AND ONLY LANE? (more crying). Thankfully I had my phone and could call my sister (crying) and let her know I would be late and I could call Steve (also crying) and get some sympathy from him (which I did, he's very sweet).

Finally got TO the construction and things speeded up. For the next 24 miles it was single lane but at least we were moving.

I arrived at the shower about 1 hour and 15 minutes or so after it started. That was weird. I was discombobulated at first, had to pee really really badly and my legs felt yucky from all the clutch action. But soon I setttled down (I stopped crying about 50 miles earlier so I would look "fresh" ha ha!) and we had the shower.

The shower was lovely. My sis did an awesome job. There were chocolate brown & pink decorations, balloons & confetti, lovely yummy food including mini-quiches & cheesecake which are two of my faves, wonderful friends & family, games & presies.

We played this game where we passed around a prize as my aunt was reading a letter (pass it to the person with the smallest feet - shocking! It came back to me! etc but it was way cuter than how I'm describing it). Anyway - I won! Sweet! I won a pack of notecards that my sister made. We also played Carrie & Steve Trivia - My Mom and Sarah-Sarah won that (I couldn't play or I TOTALLY would've won - ha ha), we played "dirty bingo" which has nothing to do with bingo but involves shaking two sets of dice and stealing prizes and we ate! Yum yum yum!

I got lovely presents, once again, I'm blown away by people's generosity. I am wondering where the heck I'm going to put everything, but I will find a way! It was so nice to see some of my aunts & friends whom I haven't seen in a while. Oh and remind me to tell you about the mouse in my Grandma's purse (in the 40's) later. She was telling the oddest & funniest stories yesterday. *sigh*

After the shower, my Dad and bro-in-law came home and we gave my sis b-day presents (the chocolate themed gift was a hit). Her b-day is tomorrow so it was good timing. Then I packed up and hit the road. The drive back was much much nicer. I made it in about 2 1/2 hours. Whew.

I got home and was exhausted. Drank a glass of wine and set up the gifts on the dining room table so Steve could see them when he got home. Of course I wasn't yet asleep when he got home so I got up and had to 'show' him everything. I'm such a dork.

And now Monday. Well, at least the work part is done. We're going golfing now - wheeeee!

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