Friday, August 11, 2006

Weekend Plans

I'm feeling rather blech today but thankfully it is Friday and that means 2 days of blissful away-from-here-ness.

Tonight I am going to *try* to apply coat #2 of "Evening Gown" (midnight blue) paint to the front door. Come on, it's been over a week already. Sheesh.

Next I think I will drink wine and sew. I'm not sure if those two go together, but we'll find out.

Tomorrow morning I have a hiking date with Steve. Not sure if we'll do part of the Superior Hiking Trail or the Western Waterfront Trail...we'll see.

Tomorrow afternoon I have my first wedding dress fitting. Sadly, I have no one to go with me. Ho-hum.

Either tomorrow night or Sunday morning I will drive to Apple Valley (suburb of the "Twin Cities") for a bridal shower that my Sister is throwing for me. Followed by driving back to Duluth.

Then BAM it's Monday and we start all over again. Ay yi yi....

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