Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Trivia Answers

Because I know you're all waiting with baited breath....

1. How did Carrie & Steve meet? online - either Match or Yahoo...we were both on both.
2. Where are they honeymooning? Florida
3. What is their favorite activity to do together? Hiking
4. What month was their first date? February (6th to be exact)
5. Where did they get engaged? Cape Disappointment (!) Washington
6. How many cats do they have and what are their names? (2 points) 2, Beavis & Iko
7. How many siblings does Steve have? 3 - 2 sisters and 1 brother
8. When is their wedding date? September 23
9. What foreign country have they traveled to together? Mexico!
10. What special day is Steve's birthday on? Halloween
11. What color are the bridesmaid dresses? Chocolate Brown
12. What month did they get engaged? August (24th to be exact)
13. What are Carrie & Steve's favorite TV shows to watch together? (2 shows, 2 points)The Apprentice and 24
14. What is Carrie's favorite food? Macaroni and CHEESE
15. What is her favorite book? The Grapes of Wrath
16. What is her favorite movie?About a Boy

There you go -even more of the stuff you ever wanted to know about me! ha.


African Kelli said...

Yep, didn't know a single one of those, other than the wedding date. Remind me when you come to AZ to stock up on Mac & Cheese and lots of Hugh Grant movies!

Tami said...

Nice to meet someone else who met their partner online! My husband (also a Steve) and I met via Match and are celebrating our 4th anniversary this October. Glad that your dress fitting went well. I know what you mean about wanting to wear it all the time. ;-)