Monday, August 14, 2006

Time to play.... Carrie & Steve Trivia!

I have a weekend update that I'm working on but it's long and I need to get some work done so in the meantime you get this!

Play along! I'll post answers later. This was played at my shower well do YOU know me....Answers will come later in comments. Good luck! (if you were at the shower, you can't play. Because you already did!)

1. How did Carrie & Steve meet?
2. Where are they honeymooning?
3. What is their favorite activity to do together? (keep it clean folks, this was a family shower)
4. What month was their first date?
5. Where did they get engaged?
6. How many cats do they have and what are their names? (2 points)
7. How many siblings does Steve have?
8. When is their wedding date?
9. What foreign country have they traveled to together?
10. What special day is Steve's birthday on?
11. What color are the bridesmaid dresses?
12. What month did they get engaged?
13. What are Carrie & Steve's favorite TV shows to watch together? (2 shows, 2 points)
14. What is Carrie's favorite food?
15. What is her favorite book?
16. What is her favorite movie?

Good luck!

1 comment:

donna said...

I don't have time to play the whole thing, but I know you like to hike together, that you are honeymooning in Florida. I know you have two cats, but for some reason Beavis is the only name I can remember, Carrie, I think your favorite food is cheese!

What a great shower game!