Sunday, August 06, 2006

Of Showers and Things

What a weekend.....

Friday night we had a lovely happy hour. My guests that were going on to do some camping ended up staying until about 8:30pm! It was so much fun to have such lovely ladies over for some chatting and cocktails. My friend from work ended up staying much later as once I get a wee bit of tequila in me I can talk for hours.

Saturday I got up (with a headache - ugh) and did my "crisis cleaning" before my parents came. I didn't have too much to do but I'm always so paranoid. My grand plan of getting up EARLY and washing the car and renewing my driver's license did not happen. Oh well.

My folks came and my Mom got ready for the shower and I got to see their photos from their recent Alaskan vacation (one week land tour, one week cruise - nice!).

The shower was at Steve's Aunt's house here in town. There were 11 of us there for a "luncheon." We had lovely sangria (a recipe I'd never tried before and it was so pretty) and sat in the backyard munching on veggies & dips and chatting away. We played a couple mellow and not too stupid games (I love games...heh) and had a hot chicken-casserole dish for lunch with fruit skewers, cabbage salad and a raspberry cheesecakey type tort thing for dessert. Very yummy. I of course was having the WORST allergy attack that I've had all year. I was a bit miserable at first while we were sitting outside. I probably sneezed five or six hundred times. ha. And I felt a tad bit loopy from the allergy medicine. I was a barrel of fun.

And I opened gifts! This was my first experience, outside of birthdays, where I'm the only one opening stuff! It's kind of weird. But fun too. I will admit that. I got 7 place settings of my FiestaWare! I'm so excited. I got 2 plum, 2 peacock, 1 sunflower, 1 scarlet and 1 shamrock. It's so pretty. I love it. We also got a big stock pot full of soup making supplies (from my Mom), 8 of our 12 water goblets, 4 juice glasses, 4 martini classes, a beautiful wooden salad bowl (with salad fixin's), a wooden divided dish (for veggies & the like), a camping cook-set and 4 little tin espresso mugs (so cute), a beautiful cookbook - which Steve's aunt inscribed and also wrote notes about some of her favorite (and not so favorite) recipes which is so sweet it makes me want to cry and a really adorable picnic basket with plates, wine glasses, silverware, table cloth napkins, thermos, mugs, wine opener and a bottle of wine. That will be so much fun since we love to picnic. We could even throw that in the canoe! :-)

I was overwhelmed by the generosity and felt so very lucky to be welcomed into these women's lives and their family. It was really a nice shower.

Afterwards we came back to my house and hung out with my Dad in the backyard and just relaxed and chatted. Later we went to Canal Park and walked on the LakeWalk and had dinner at a cafe overlooking the lake. When we got home we looked at the rest of the Alaska pictures and went to bed.

This morning we got up leisurely and went to brunch at Pizza Luce. I then had to meet with my editor to do some photos for the article I recently wrote followed by a little shoe shopping. My folks gave me my b-day presents early as one item is an ADORABLE halter dress which I plan on wearing at next week's shower and when I go to Las Vegas (for my b-day/bachelorette party). That's why she wanted to give me presents early. So very sweet of her. What I don't get is, I can't find a frickin' dress to look good and fit me when I'm THERE looking and shopping. She can always buy me clothes that not only fit perfectly but also look great. I am amazed. I want her to be my personal shopper. So....I needed some cute, dressy, brown heels to go with it...which we found at Target.

Now, I'm putzing around home. Cleaning up and putting some things away. Wanting Steve to come home from his camping bachelor party weekend trip thingy, but I think he's not coming back til tomorrow. I want to show him the dishes! and the glasses! and the itty bitty espresso cups for camping!

Tonight I am taking Miss M to the movie THE ANT BULLY and I'll come home to start working on some thank-you cards.

How was your weekend?

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Raesha D said...

What a fantastic weekend!!! Presents, parents and parties galore!! Glad to hear about your great gifts - weddings are wonderful affairs.