Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's a Wristlet World - Package Arrived

Raesha received her Wristlet swap package from me yesterday so I can post it now! Yay! I had so much fun participating in this swap. It was my first one and my first return to sewing in about 11 years or so. I'm already making other projects because I'm remembering how much fun it is.

The theme was to represent where you're from. I chose the blue 'watery' fabric to represent Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes. The green lining is to represent all of our trees. The goodies I included were certified wild rice (hand harvested, natch), a mini-can of Spam (as I'm originally from Austin, MN or "Spamtown USA" due to it being the home to Hormel), some Swedish fish (her faves) and some hot chocolate to keep her warm during those upcoming NM nights (heh). I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


Raesha D said...

Yes, I LOVE IT!!! FOr not swewing in 11 years, you did a GREAT job! Dare I say, your zipper is straighter than the one I did on my wristlet:):) Thank you so much!

Tami said...

Beautiful job Carrie! I finished yours last night - yay. But I have a surprise to go with it that hopefully will be done tomorrow by mailing time. (You'll get it by the 15th, don't worry.) :-)

And Raesha, your wristlets were beautifully sewn, zippers and all! :-)

weeone said...

It looks wonderful Carrie. I can't even figure out how to use the sewing machine and hope to have a new superman cape for Alex's birthday at the end of the month. Urghh... the curses of being a visual learner, if I can't see it done I don't get it.

Beautiful blue, btw.

carrster said...

Hey Hol, you can come over any time and I'll give you a quick lesson on the machine. I need to see it/or do it while reading it too. I screwed up many many sewing projects this weekend because I didn't take time to "see" it properly - doh! The seam ripper is my best friend. ;-)