Friday, August 04, 2006

I Feel Like I Just Asked Someone Out

I may have mentioned that I have very few girlfriends in town to hang out with. One is my neighbor Anna (hi Anna!) and our hanging out consists mostly talking over the back fence - which I love. I love having cool neighbors!

I digress....

In an effort to bulk up those numbers, I decided to have a happy hour tonight in my back yard (you're all invited!). First it was just my friend Sarah who's coming through town on the way up the shore to do some camping. She's bringing along two friends who have never been to Duluth. What better way to welcome them than by getting them schnockered on my homemade margaritas?

So, then I thought, hmm, the receptionist here is new, she's young(er than me), seems cool, hip, artsy, bought a copy of my movie (!!!!) and I generally like talking with her but I don't know her very well. So, I decided to send her an email inviting her to Happy Hour. I was kind of nervous! What is my problem? I sent the email and immediately left my desk to go to the bathroom because that's how TOTALLY burnt out I am on rejection.

Happily, she accepted and who knows, maybe I'm making a new friend.

(yes, I am aware of how much of a geek I am...)


African Kelli said...

I so wish I was there!!

vintagechica said...

You are too funny...count me as a geek too then b/c I always chicken out. I worry way, WAY too much about what other people think of me. Good for you...I hope you have great conversations!!!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Hmm... "bought a copy of my movie" Are you an actress. I belong to all the unions , althought mostly I just stay at home with my girls.
My 1st time in this blog so I'll have to look more.

carrster said...

Margaritas were fabulous (a little too fabulous if you know what I mean), conversation was good and the weather was perfect. It was a good night "in."

I am an actress, but I'm also a filmmaker and the "my movie" I was referring to is my first independent feature which I produced, edited and many other things for. :-) Thanks for stopping by!