Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hollyhocks & Radishes

I'm enjoying this new cookbook so much I can hardly stand it. I got it this weekend at the shower from Steve's aunt. I love the "down-home" feel to it which is particulary northern and familiar to me. Although it comes from Michigan, I feel the similarities - the northern climate, short growing season, fresh lovely farmer's market veggies, the big lakes and their affects on our seasons, the tourists that come in for the summers and the simplicity of it all. This book shares a lot of personal details about many of the recipes and includes letters at the beginning of each chapter from Mrs. Chard. This book is centered around her and a lot of her own recipes. I love stuff like this. I actually brought it to work with me after lunch because I'm so bored and I'm just enjoying reading tidbits and considering the mouth-watering concoctions (even a recipe for dandelion wine!).

I'm thinking I might make "The Best Mac and Cheese" for tomorrow when Miss M comes to dinner followed on Thursday possibly by "Chicken Breasts in Tomatoes and Cream." Mmmmm......

Such a wonderfully thoughtful gift that I will cherish for years to come!

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donna said...

What a special gift to give. I love when you get something like that from an older relative.

Please share that chicken breast recipe when you have time. Sounds lovely!