Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hike From A Couple Weeks Ago

From August 12th...yes, I'm just getting around to posting them now. I had some problems with Blogger not uploading things so here ya go.

This is on the Superior Hiking Trail right in Duluth. We started at 40th Ave West and hiked East towards our house (we live near 22nd Ave West). A Beautiful hike with stunning views. It is 3 miles from that start point to our house. We then drove back to pick up the car. Steve is sitting on a bench that is on the ski trail (near the hiking trail) at Piedmont. It's so high during the summer but during the winter sometimes you can barely get your skis under it to sit down because of all that snow. (incidentally, that's the first trail we ever skied together)

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donna said...

Beautiful! How lucky you are to have such natural beauty so close to you!