Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Crafty Goodness & Packages

I have been tying up some loose ends tonight which make me feel good.

Firstly I finished up my Swap package for Raesha and it will be on it's way soon! Wheeeee! Here's a hint...Beavis helped me sew it. Heh...

I also put together my sister's birthday present tonight. The theme this year is "Chocolate." The package includes: the movie Chocolat on DVD, a bag of Chocolate Chex Mix, some chocolate colored ribbons (for scrapping or cardmaking), a sheet of M&M stickers, a bag of peanut M&M's, some chocolate colored socks, some chocolate colored 'fibers' (again for scrapbooking & cards), a chocolate melting wafer (smells soooo good), some chocolate Chai tea and I think that's it. I hope she enjoys it! I always try to do theme for her gifts...some years it works, some it doesn't. I think this one works. I wrapped everything in bright pink & purple wrapping and put it in a brown (sadly not chocolate brown which I couldn't find) gift bag. Her birthday is next week but I'll give it to her this weekend.

Next I put together a housewarming gift for friends who just moved into their new home. Something small for the wall but I think it goes really well with their style...I hope so!

And before ALL this...I stopped at the fabric store. Thanks to Kelli, the sewing bug has bitten me once again. I stocked up on lots of fabrics & zippers which I plan on making into little gifts for friends. I can't wait. I also picked up some Cotton Candy homespun which soon will be a prayer shawl for my cousin (who's birthday is the day after mine, and while we're in Vegas).

So, now tonight, after my sweet adorable lovely husband-to-be made me dinner (tuna burgers & spud puppies (organic tater tots) and I have cleaned up the dishes and emptied the litter boxes and trash we're going to sit down and watch a movie together.


African Kelli said...

WOO HOO! I hope you will post photos. :)

hannah said...

your chocolate themed pressie sounds fab!!! isn't it great when the cats 'help' us sew like in your pic???