Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Catching Up

Well, it's been a whirlwind of activity around here lately...I should catch up...

Thursday night - I watched AquaMarine with Miss M. A near-teeny-boppery-movie that help her rapt. It had 7th to 8th grade girls, cute lifeguard boys and a mermaid. 'nough said.

Friday night I went to happy hour with some co-workers. I wasn't planning on staying long (you know how that goes) and ended up getting home around 9:30pm. Ugh. Steve met us down there as well which was fun and it was nice to be social vs. anti-social for once. I also found many possible candidates for a GAME NIGHT which makes me oh-so excited.

Saturday morning it was up bright and early as we headed to the annual R Family Golf Classic. (yes, my family has a golf tournament every year...since about 1980). This year it was in Pine Island hosted by my aunt & uncle who live on the course there. It's a lot of fun. It's a scramble so it's pretty mellow and easy going. I was in the first group to tee off (I prefer this than to coming in last and being watched by everyone!) with my uncle, an aunt and my cousin's beau. There is a "rule" in place that no immediate families can be on the same team. Therefore I can't be with my Dad, Steve, my bro-in-law, etc. IT's really nice because you get to spend time with different relatives that maybe you don't usually. It's great for getting to know them more and spending some quality time. Oh and there's lots of beer.

My team did "okay." We were 9 under par which I think landed us in about 3rd place. Steve's team (3 of my aunts + one cousin) (there was a five-some yes) came in 2nd at 11 under par which was very good. I hear Steve spent a lot of time "in the woods" looking for balls. Well, he loves trees!!

The banquet afterwards was at my aunt & uncles. Ribs, potatoes, fruit, salad, dessert. Very yummy. I won the "longest putt" competition (there are several holes that have "prizes" on them...it was sort of a joke because NO ONE made a good put on that hole so the longest putt was very short. For that I got a putting cup & a couple of golf balls. I also received an ornament that said "Star Golfer." Steve was the last one to get an award....oh the anticipation! ha. He received a little gift package of fake grass w/some balls & tees in it and also a can of bug spray since he spent so much time in the woods! He also got the big official "welcome to the family, it's great to have you, etc" speech from my uncle. :-)

On Sunday my aunt's on my Dad's side (there are a bunch) hosted my 3rd (and final! Whew yet, I'm sad!) bridal shower. It's a tradition for that side of the family to host the bridal shower for one of the 'grandkids' or grandkids soon to be spouses. I can't believe it was finally my turn!! Crazy. We played a few games (repeat of the trivia), ate yummy food and opened presies.

The most touching gift I received was a beautiful clear glass serving (or decorative?) bowl and two double taper candle holders from my Grandma. With them was a note saying that she & my Grandpa (who passed on in 1996) received them as a WEDDING GIFT in 1941! I was so touched. I love love love old glass and things passed through the family I think are incredibly special. This is a gift I will treasure (and I'll try to put up pictures soon!).

Another fave this time around is a camping-double-hammock! Whohooo! I can't wait to try that thing out. It looks soooo comfy. And my Mom & Sis gave me a wedding scrapbook and some wedding-y supplies for doing my book. I did just sign up for the annual scrapbook retreat in March so I will have plenty to do!

During the shower the guys golfed again and Steve borrowed my Dad's bike and went on the Douglas Trail (runs between Pine Island and Rochester) and thoroughly enjoyed himself. I'm glad there was something for him to do because I didn't think he would want to golf 2 days in a row!! He liked the trail so much he thinks we should go down there sometime and ride the whole thing. Awesome! :-) He also enjoyed seeing corn & soybeans close up as he's not from farm country. He finally agrees with me that there is something very beautiful about the rolling fields filled with crops.

We got home about 8pm Sunday night. I was pooped. Managed to put a few things away and then go to bed.

Last night we met with the minister to go over our "Prepare" results. I'm happy to report that we are VERY compatible. The minister even said it is a "delight" to marry such a strong couple as us.

Tonight I'm going to try to have a pedicure (even though I'm foot phobic) and tomorrow I need to pack because Vegas is only 3 days away!

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