Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has come and gone so quickly. How in the hell does that happen?

Friday night....let's see...what DID I do Friday night? Ah yes, I worked on some cards that I'm making and kept chasing the cats in from impending storms (big ones) that were blowing through. Steve magically appeared with a pizza when he got home which THANK GOD because it was nine billion degrees in the kitchen and we hadn't gone grocery shopping yet ANYWAY. After the pizza was consumed (and the skies cleared) we headed (via bike) to this week's installment of "movies-in-the-park." It was The Breakfast Club this week and was a lot of fun to watch. I had forgotten how totally obsessesed my particular clique in high school was with this film and how I could pretty much recite it verbatim (much to the annoyance of Steve, I'm sure). There was also a fantastic lightening display across the lake happening in Wisconsin that we could watch. It was amazing. Sideways lightening, big ol ' thunder bolts, the whole deal. Very impressive.

Boy did it storm. Actually both Friday and Saturday nights. Friday night as we tried to sleep the winds and rain made it seem like we were in the middle of a hurricane! It was amazing and the rain was so needed. I love hearing the rumble of thunder and seeing the lightening flashes when I'm safely tucked in my bed at night.

Saturday was off and on cloudy & sunny. I took Beavis to the vet (yearly shots & check up) and then putzed around home a bit. Steve & I ran a bunch of errands including adding some items to our Target registry and returning a few things at OfficeMax, getting glasses readjusted at Lens Crafters and finally the mother-lode of grocery shopping at Cub. We are STOCKED UP now. We spent a lot but we should be good for a long time. We rarely stock up on meat, and boy did our freezer need it. So there should be a fair amount of time when we're not saying "what do you want for dinner?" in a whiny voice - trying to ask the other person first as the ideas have dried up.

Last night we visited Steve's Mom and gave her a belated b-day present - one of which was our engagement picture (finally). We also had dinner at his Dad's house. After which I came home and blissfuly spent the evening in card-making mode as well as knitting-mode while watching the movie GLASS HOUSE on Oxygen. (it was okay).

Today I slept in which was heavenly - of course. Steve made fabulous waffles for 'brunch' and this afternoon I took Miss M to a children's play called "The Planets" which was very cute. After which I bounced from activity to activity - working on DVDSP (which I'm about to throw out the window) on a wedding vid I'm editing, scrubbing cat boxes (which is oh so fun), scraping/sanding the front door, trying to get blogger to upload photos, uploading photos into KodakGallery for sending to family and finally attending a fabulous dinner party.

The theme was "fresh fish" and boy did we eat. The meal started with muscles (which, I tried to try but the oog me out, sorry, I'm a wimp). I did enjoy the artichoke/crayfish hot dip (w/cayenne, yum), the smoked (by our host) lake trout (so frickin' good), wild rice and northern pike 'cakes,' couscous with something or other (cucs? maybe?) breads, crackers, beer, etc... I was surprised that I liked as much as I did - I passed on the deep fried mahi-mahi (I can't stand mahi-mahi!) but I was filled up anyway.

Now I'm home and I'm going to try to NOT throw my computer (the other one) out the window as it "encodes" my test DVD (grrrr) and I think I'll watch a little SATC and knit and go to bed at a decent hour.

It's hot though and leaving this one and only air conditioned room will be my challenge.....

Hope you had a good weekend!

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