Monday, July 31, 2006


I forgot to mention in my weekend recap that we booked our honeymoon tickets on Saturday. Happily we were able to use some frequent flyer miles that Steve had saved up and we used our escrow refund from this year for my ticket and we are all set! We're even flying in and out of Duluth which is such a treat - something I've never done before - and will save 2 1/2 hours of drive time (if we were flying in/out of Minneapolis). Yay!

The coolest and weirdest thing about the whole deal is....they emailed me my itinerary and it had my NEW name on it! Mrs. Carrie B-


I will have to gave me a little thrill.


donna said...

Oooh! Where are you going? How exciting!

Except, will you have ID to show with your married name on it in order to fly? Just curious how that will work for you. I had to book in my maiden name.

carrster said...

We're going to Florida.

Yup - we're not going until December (because fall is beautiful here and why would we want to go to FL when it's nice here? and the whole hurricane thing freaks me out so...) so I'll have plenty of time to get my new ID. I just have to remember to change my frequent flyer account AFTER my flight this August so that my miles will count in December. So much drama! ha ha.

African Kelli said...

AH! So very exciting. Are you nervous? I am so happy for you Carrie!

carrster said...

No, I'm not nervous. I might be on the day - nervous about falling on my face or something silly like that...but I am so exactly in the right place with who I'm supposed to be there with and that is just cool. I can't wait.

I *AM* however on the border of overwhelmed-ness but that's due to me taking on too many outside projects + trying to plan a wedding + trying to throw a little fun in too. But I'm not there yet and hopefully I can hold it at bay. We'll see..... :-)

-Peder said...

Good for you. I'm sure you'll have a great time!
Just an FYI from the travel industry, if you have a marriage related mismatch between your ticket and your ID, you can bring a copy of your marriage license to straighten it out.