Knitflix Swap

Although I was quite tardy on delivering my knitflix package to my partner (sorry!!) I received mine last week! Deb (sorry I'll have to add the link tomorrow...I'm not getting the option here: sent me this fabulously fun gift full of knitting & movie goodies!! I was sooooo excited when I opened it. Now that the temps have really dropped here in Duluth I will be snuggly sitting in my living room watching movies, eating snacks and knitting!

A very cute knitting note card.

Ooh! Goodies wrapped and waiting for me...I think I have an idea as to what this might be!!
Lovely hand dyed wool in Shrekalicious colors! My first "grown up" wool! Funny that is tied to Shrek (or very fitting rather...)

Deb also included some Shrek animal cookies (frosted! yum), a box of Triscuits (my fave), some Halloween m&m's, some Nibs, a pattern for a hat & mittens (I've never tried either...), some place markers, some double-pointed bamboo needles & some circular bamboo needles as well as a "Knit Fix" book! And of course - a movie from my wishlist! SHREK 2! She ROCKS!!!!



Deb said…
You're welcome!! Enjoy it all!!
Chris said…
I especially love how the yarn ties so nicely in with Shrek's coloring!

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