Penguin Shenanigans

For our 2020 Winter Reading program, there wasn't an overall theme. I decided to create my own theme. And the Penguins took over the library!

I printed out real-to-life sized photographs of Emperor, a Fairy, a Chinstrap and a Galapagos Penguin to be exact. I put them on the walls in one area. My hope was that kids would stand next to them and measure up - and they sure did! It put a smile on my face every time.

Above each penguin I included some facts. Usually where they lived, what they ate and any quirky stuff about them. It's always great to be able to provide a little learning opportunity along the way.

We also included penguin voting. I always think it's fun to add a pre-math activity when I can. I made 4 buckets with a photo of each of the aforementioned penguins. Kids (& adults) were able to ask for a "voting token" (ie: a saved bottle cap) at the desk and then put it in the bucket of their choice. It was fun hearing the conversations ab…


I miss blogging.

And my blogging community.


Whole30 - Day 1

I thought since I'm trying this Whole30 thing, and I REALLY want to commit to it...I am going to start blogging about it. I am nervous & excited. I have never stuck with anything for 30 days...I don't know why this time is any different, but I need to reset my body. I've had terrible tummy troubles lately and really throughout different periods of my life. I have bad habits. I love cheese. I just want to reset things.

I'm not saying I'm never going to get another slice of cheese or bowl of yogurt or rice or pasta or drink another diet coke...but I *do* want to give this a fair shake.

So - Day 1

Over the weekend I did a fair amount of research on the Whole30, read the rules, made lists, pinned a bunch of recipes to my Whole30 board and yesterday I set off to the grocery store to stock up. Boy did I stock up! Our fridge is packed with fresh veggies, fruits & lean meats. The pantry is stocked with crushed tomatoes, canned pumpkin and Larabars. 

Today was a …

Crafternoon: Yarn Sticks

I work in a great place. A place of learning. A place of exploration. A place of inspiration & community. It makes me so happy when I get to plan something that brings a little bit of all of those together. One of my favorite most recent forays has been Crafternoons. 
Crafternoons is a aft/craft program aimed toward pre-school through elementary aged kiddos. I try to tie projects into a book, a specific artist but sometimes I just follow my gut & go with a project that looks fun & fits my budget (this project was essentially, free). 
We made Yarn Sticks. I didn't know if they would like it. I didn't know if it would capture their imagination and I didn't know if it would hold their attention. But boy did it.  Kids & parents alike enjoyed searching through the yarn bin, the beads, the pile of sticks I had collected the night before. I was so impressed & amazed with their beautiful creations. The color combinations, the layering, the use of beads (or not…

Seasons Are Changing

Oh boy - it's been a while.

I've been thinking about reviving this format for quite some time. And I haven't really been successful in the past, but maybe it's a good time to make a change. A new season arrived (early) the other day (ugh winter - TOO SOON!) and a new month is right around the corner.

A friend of mine let me know she is deactivating Facebook in the coming days. I think it's a great idea. I think I should do it. I'm sick of it but I am afraid I will NEVER EVER KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN EVERYONE'S LIVES or see cute pictures of their craft projects or get new recipe ideas or or or or or or....

It's stupid. I feel like a damn addict. I don't NEED Facebook. Facebook has just made me FEEL like I need it and for that I hate it. So should I take a break? Will I be happier (probably)? Will I miss seeing my friends/family/etc's posts? Can I just cut back? Or does it have to be cold turkey? Would I feel better if I posted here more often &a…


Well, I guess I'm winning the Eating Lottery this week. Aside from the taquitos incident, this week has been EASY!

Tonight - potluck/picnic at August's pre-school. His LAST EVENT at Pre-SCHOOL - FOR.EVER. AND EVER. *sigh*

I digress.

So the kids had:

August: some plain crackers, a handful of cheetos, apple juice and a cookie (not homemade - one with all sorts of crap in it).

Dahlia: some meat balls in marinara (about this I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED!), fruit salad (various melon & one grape), cheetos, crackers, the same "fake" cookie that August had and a brownie with apple juice.


At least EVERY OTHER SINGLE KID THERE was eating the same thing.


Okay - tomorrow on the menu plan - MICKEY MOUSE WAFFLES and bacon. Yup. It was Dahlia's turn to pick a meal. So be it.

We will load up on vitamins & cantaloupe, won't we......


Ugh - been failing at the whole feeding my family well thing since the first post.

Last night I had a birthday dinner with some girlfriends that I went to. I made the kids some Star Wars Mac & Cheese (I always add a little greek yogurt these days for extra creaminess) and green beans. I'm not sure what Steve ate. I had a delicious bacon-cheeseburger with fries. I don't often eat red meat so when I actually want it, I indulge. It was good.

Tonight I worked late; I had a soup on the meal plan and it was 80+ degrees all day so in no way did I want to consume, nor make soup. I suggested spinach strawberry salads - that got no one excited, except for me. Steve ended up eating up frozen leftover Chinese (yes, he reported that it tasted as good as that sounds....blech) and the kids had leftover dinner from last night. I never did get around to making that salad....I ate what was left on August's plate after he magically disappeared from the dinner table, and reappeared on the…